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CrossFlow IES

Secure clean energy for off-grid and weak-grid applications

The Crossflow IES offers a unique way of bringing affordable power to the many parts of the world which rely heavily on diesel generation to meet growing essential power needs. Specifically designed to operate in remote, hard to access, off-grid or weak-grid locations; capable of deployment, installation and service without the need for cranes or heavy lifting gear, the IES technology components have been developed and selected for low maintenance and long life with a focus on reliability, simplicity and robustness to enhance the supply of secure, affordable clean energy supply with remote performance and condition monitoring.

  • Secure, affordable clean energy solutions for off-grid and weak-grid locations

  • Reducing dependency on fossil fuels

  • Guaranteed reliable ‘firm’ power delivery

  • Significant cost benefits achieved by integrated smart power management

  • Permanent or temporary installations, ability to deploy and re-deployed rapidly

  • Containerised (20ft standard containers) for ease of transport, access & installation in remote areas

  • Low maintenance and long life, with remote performance and condition monitoring


IES Solution

  • Robust, Reliable, Secure, Affordable Clean energy solution to provide continuous power for Off and Weak grid applications
  • Economic benefits – Robust and Reliable ‘Energy as a Service’ option reduces need for large up-front capital investment
  • Turbine designed for simplicity and robustness with high torque, easy start, long operating life and low O&M
  • Diesel displacement – IES units provide Lower cost of energy, greater efficiency and reliable access to clean and sustainable energy solutions
  • Remote deployment: Containerised (20ft) for ease of Transport, Access & Installation, with the Container providing secure storage on site.
  • Robust innovative engineering – The Patented design offers increased efficiency, Long operational life, simple, low cost O&M and suitable for deployment in remote areas. Tilt-up capability enables installation and Maintenance without cranes or heavy lifting gear.
  • Fail-proof technology design with small diesel back up to ensure energy security of supply.
  • IES provides affordable and reliable clean energy on a DEG basis, with the addition of the Crossflow turbine in suitable wind sites offering access to 100% Clean Energy
  • Modular design allows load growth demand to be met quickly and cost effectively
  • Portable – the Crossflow IES does not require fixed foundations so can be deployed, installed and redeployed rapidly as required.
  • Integrated Smart Power Management system with Remote performance and condition monitoring
  • Stepping stone to grid extension
  • Incorporating a very quiet, safe, bird and bat friendly wind turbine
  • Ability to load shed enables ongoing operation and survival in high storm wind conditions.

Transportation and installation

The Crossflow IES is designed to comprise components that fit in standard 20’ftshipping containers for ease of delivery and security. Containers are retained on site for security of batteries, control system and as a base for PV panels.

The turbine is ground assembled, requiring only a small agricultural tele-handler type vehicle for those few components that cannot be lifted easily manually.

The turbine lift into operating position and lower for Maintenance uses an A-frame and hydraulically winched cable system. This offers low cost and high reliability, the portable winch itself being removed from site when not required.

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Site assessment

The IES power requirements will vary from location to location as will the available wind and solar resource. The requirement for the number of individual modules (wind turbines, solar PV panels and battery modules) will be assessed on a site-by-site basis as will the ground conditions for the turbine tower foundation requirements.

Wind and pv resource

The initial site resource conditions can be obtained at high level from the NASA world-wide 10km wind and solar database. This can be further refined by using the DTU Global Wind Atlas at 1km resolution and WAsP software from DTU.

Homer Pro analysis

Use of Homer Pro analysis allows Crossflow to optimise the various solar, wind and battery modules for the specific load and site resource conditions to ensure energy reliability and minimise the Levelized Cost of Energy.


Local ground conditions will dictate the choice of wind turbine foundation. It will also be possible to co-locate the Telecommunication transponders and turbine tower to reduce local footprint and CAPEX. In some locations there will already be appropriate concrete foundations, however the design allows the use of ground anchored tower grillages to be installed without the need of concrete. These will require the installation of hydraulically driven earth anchors, helical screw piles or rock anchors as appropriate.

Funded by the ERDF

The Detailed Design of the Pre-production Prototype project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.