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There is a growing demand for power across the globe.

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We provide a reliable, versatile clean energy solution.

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Our innovative IES units makes power and progress accessible.

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Crossflow Energy empowers global communities by providing sustainable clean energy that is reliable, versatile and scalable. We help provide the platform for prosperity with next generation energy production technology.

1.1 bn

people still have no access to electricity

1.3 bn

new smartphones users are expected across Asia and Africa in the next 5 years


of new generation capacity installed in 2017 was wind and solar


growth in renewable energy capacity generation in 2017

Why is there a need for clean energy?

Growing demand for electricity

Over 1 billion people have no access to electricity, with hundreds of millions more relying on an irregular or intermittent electricity supply. A reliable, sustainable source of electricity will provide communities with affordable energy for lighting, heat and power, alongside providing the power to allow them to access new technologies such as smartphones, fuelling growth, change and prosperity.

Breaking the energy poverty cycle

Reliable, affordable energy access empowers considerable socio-economic benefits, enabling shops and businesses to stay open longer, giving communities access to better healthcare and providing children with domestic lighting for after-school study time. Reliable power also enhances internet access and all the information and data related benefits that flow from this global pool of information.

Reducing reliance on expensive fossil fuels

Energy generation fuelled by diesel brings the benefits of electricity, but at a high cost. An unreliable supply of diesel and disrupt a community’s energy supply and halt progress, with incumbent utility companies often unable to meet the demand for electricity. Crossflow IES units provide an opportunity for cheap energy generation that benefits everyone.

Building tomorrow without leaving a footprint today

Energy generation using fossil fuels is a significant contributor to climate change. Old technologies, such as diesel energy generation, are seen as a necessary step, but Crossflow IES units provide a cheap, reliable alternative that is clean, ensuring a sustainable energy supply today without impacting on tomorrow. Being able to provide clean energy to developing communities will help the United Nations achieve is new sustainable development agenda with wide-reaching benefits for those involved.

How can we deliver clean energy?

Develop ability to meet demand for reliable, versatile clean electrical energy

The technology is already here – the Crossflow IES units are easy-to-deploy, making them an accessible source of energy for communities across the globe. With 146 million people already served by off-grid renewable power at the end of 2017, there is now scope to bring the benefits of clean energy to many of those without access to electricity or who currently rely on diesel generation for their power needs.

Falling battery storage prices make reliable clean energy affordable

Solar PV and battery costs have fallen rapidly in recent years: around 80% since 2010. The inclusion of low cost reliable power from a robust and flexibly-designed wind turbine creates the opportunity, in many locations, to move to 100% clean energy. This is the market we are targeting with our unique technology.

Combination of clean energy sources ensures security and reliability

The deployment of reliable IES units alongside wind, solar PV and storage solutions will help deliver firm clean power to remote users requiring reliable off-grid power and propel communities into the Age of Electricity in an affordable, sustainable way.

What is the answer?

Crossflow Energy’s innovative IES units integrate with other energy sources (wind, solar, battery storage, diesel, hydro, biomass) to maximise clean energy generation.

As well as energy sources for remote communities, IES units can be used by anchor tenants in telecoms, MNOs, military, hotels, medical clinics and construction sites. Long-term PPA arrangements can be made with these anchor tenants to provide clean power to local communities and businesses.

The scalability of IES units means growth in usage and demand can be met sustainably, providing affordable, clean energy to communities. This will enable them to access new technologies (smartphones, mobile data etc.) and shape their future.

IES transport shipping containers also provide secure locations to establish of small, electricity-dependent businesses.